Monday, October 27, 2008


There, chocolate and purple for you! Just the way you like it :D (sorry, couldn't find a pic of an aqua birthday cake). Miss you, thinking of you and hope you get smothered in cool gifts!

Friday, October 17, 2008

So, the season of the fall begins...

It's a beautiful autumn in the city.
The light is honey-coloured and the streets smell of roasted chestnuts.
I quit my job at the theatre.
Life is good.

And below are pics of a little nymph I made for my friend's birthday. She had seen a really pretty one in Greece (with a porcelain face), but it was way too expensive, so now she got a Transilvanian interpretation of it. It turned out so cute it was really hard to give her away. :>

Lake Of Tears - Forever Autumn

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

MedievArtFest 2008

It took me almost a week to recover from the exhaustion of the festivities, followed by the exhaustion of the flu. I guess I'm not the tough hearty lass I used to be, hehe. So here are, for your enjoyment, a few pics from this festival I've been talking about so much.

First, a week of preparations. Of course, most outdoor activities (building, delimitating spaces etc) had to be done in the rain,
...while the brains behind the whole thing were cosily chatting in front of the computer. But such are the attributes of medieval nobility, ain't it so? :>
Friday morning, and the craftsmen begin to appear, filling up the place with all kinds of pretty things. It was good being an organizer, I got loads of free stuff from them!
Friday afternoon it was time for the parade through town, which marked the beginning of the fun part of the festival. Nine knight orders, a band of bagpipers plus all the extras (witch, monks, painters, whores, troubadours, thieves, cripples) made for a pretty impressive convoy of noise and colour.
Flag jugglers in a bus stop; you've got to love the contrast :>A happy me as part of the parade, together with the armourer. Oh, btw, see the coat of arms on his chest? Guess who sewed it!The two main attractions of the parade: the witch and the city loon. He was awesome, he even went into shops to scare people, with his fluorecent contact lenses and plague-ridden complexion. The witch was no less awesome, staring into innocent bystanders' eyes and mumbling curses and spells, hehe. As soon as night fell, all heaven broke loose: dancing, tournaments, concerts, the delicious smell of beasts on a spit and a general feeling of brotherhood and safety. Never in my life have I seen such a huge gathering of people with such similar interests, beliefs and ways of life. It was a delight talking to any one of them. The average age of any given knight order would have to be in the early 20s, but the things they could do! I'll let the pics below speak, and I can only hope they'll convey at least a part of the amazement I felt at their talents.

Szekely whip cracking demonstration:
Dancing lessons, generously offered by the head of the band who had just finished playing on the stage behind us.A bit of knightly socialising ("can't really turn my head to face you, with this 16kg hood on, but here, have some of my beer")Guarding the weapons:The whore house, of course, proved to be the most filmed, photographed and discussed place in the citadel. The girls at work:
The hangman wasn't immune to their charms either:

Thieves were hung...

...the witch was tried...
...and burnt...
...concerts were held... (check out Odyssey here and here)
...and enjoyed...
...and the thing I liked best out of the whole three days, the fire dance of the group called Cavalerii Cetatilor Barsei

Sunday night was a night of triumph and ...well, partying :>
Check out these little clips too:

And last but not least, a pic I like, of a medieval me with a not so medieval camera. Special thanks to Ozzy the Talented ;D

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I am not dead!

Stay tuned, I'll post lots of pics and clips and thoughts from the festival. Just let me sleep a little more first and recover from both tiredness and the flu.