Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Of generous people and the disadvantages of having a window that overlooks the road

I must be so broke that people can tell just by looking at my window. But not to worry, I recently became convinced I have a secret benefactor.

Yesterday morning I heard a sound on the window sill. I looked out to see a half-empty cup of beer just sitting there. A drunk man was calmly swaying down the road. Now, someone who tends to become that drunk also tends to become rather possessive of one's drink. So how can you explain his leaving his half-drunk beer at my window? Generosity, I tell ya!

Last night I returned home to find a half-eaten slice of pizza on the pavement in front of my gate. This person shares everything with me!

Doesn't that just warm your heart?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Of high mountains, pain, goats and other social events

As usual, things happen quicker than I can record them here. So, without much ado, here is what you've been missing out on (ne ne ne ne neeee) in the past month.

Starting with the most recent, Retezat, or "the weekend of pain". Setting off bright and early on a crisp Sunday morning, we proceeded to blindly follow this man, the bringer of pain, the uphill-speeder, the always-way-ahead-of-us bright eyed and bushy-tailed spirit of "come on people, chop chop, look how late it is, that cloud is getting near, you can gossip on the summit etc etc".
After an 8 hour high-altitude stroll and only 8 hours' sleep for the whole weekend, 5 zombies turned up for work on Monday morning (only because the other 2 weren't working). Aside from that, which was quite fun in itself, the scenery was otherworldly. Lookie here:

We walked through forests and meadows,
and over miles of blooming rock,
and over miles of barren rock,
and over snow,
We saw chamois goats,
and acted like them
"What do your elven eyes see?"
Pit stop:
Top o' the mountain to ya!
View from the peak, with Lake Bucura:
The way back:
The way ahead:
Me, tired? Naah..
On the way down. Game: how many people and how many goats can you spot in this photo?
Can you imagine, I forgot to take a pic of my shoes from the top of the mountain. So this one will have to do ;) I had repetitive dreams of that blue-triangle track marking the next night, hehe.
* * *
Other events of note for the past month would be...

... my 10-year highschool reunion, which was a lot of fun. The picture is silly, cheerful and disorderly, just like we were as a group:
...the small-scale miracle of my brother's graduation,
... two new ear piercings and a very good master's thesis (not pictured in this post).

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, Wendy!

Sorry for the delay (it wasn't cause I forgot, it was cause I was away, honest!)

Hope you had a great day :)