Sunday, July 31, 2011

Turning 30 - The Gory Details - Part 3

Birthday evening, 9PM
- Cooked dinner. Edible, but nothing special, which suggests cooking skills don't come with age. However, the ability to enjoy large amounts of red wine does seem to increase with age. The sun is setting in the West, which is a good sign. I don't need glasses for the computer, I can still see just fine. Headache has been replaced with sore jaws, from all the grinning that filled the day.

I'm still breathing.

I might actually survive this!

Turning 30 - The Gory Details - Part 2

Birthday afternoon, 12PM - Waiting for the bus to Sighisoara. A random gypsy guy offers us a lift. I hesitate (maturely): what if he's a serial killer? Or a kidnapper? What if he gets us all killed with his reckless driving? P. immediately says yes and drags me to the car. It turns out the guy is a good driver, and good company too, so my display of maturity was misplaced. I make a mental note not to resort to maturity again for some time. As he makes us listen to a loud selection of UB40's greatest hits, I grin at the return of a familiar (and thankfully ageless) feeling: the giggly excitement usually associated with adventure, summer and spontaneity.
We arrive in Sighisoara safely. The giggly excitement continues in the familiar whirl of medieval music, costumes, dances and crafts. I forget my headache and my age. Life is a red candied apple.
I'm still breathing.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Turning 30 - The Gory Details - Part 1

Birthday morning, 9 AM- Woke up and realised I slept backwards (feet on pillow) all night. Flashback:
Coffee tastes the same. Sun seems to have risen from the same place as always. Nothing new seems to hurt, I have no hunchback and no noticeable moles. Slight headache and very dry mouth, but that might be from last night's party rather than age-related. My brain functions seem to be unchanged, albeit slightly affected by the hangover. I'm still breathing. So far so good.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Welcome, Tiny Overlord!

You know the baby I mentioned I was expecting in this post? Well, he's finally here! Ten days late, like any self-respecting Transylvanian, but healthy and very hungry. And so, so loved :)

Yay, I'm an aunt!