Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Games for big kids

Ladies and gents, check out my new work place! Up in that bastion, there's a theatre. Up in a corner of the theatre, there's a little office with 2 computers and a horrendously untidy array of books, scripts, posters and food. In that office, there's me! I am as yet unsure as to the proper title of my position (somewhere in between secretary, personal asistant and PR person), but it's fun enough. Especially now that the theatre is preparing a huge medieval festival, due to start in 6 days, 136 hours and 8170 minutes. Everyone works like crazy: making phonecalls, sewing costumes, decorating banners, desperately seeking sponsors, combat training, rehearsing plays, and, when exhausted, taking turns sleeping on a manky old mattress on the stage. In the breaks between phoning bands and craftsmen and putting together the ever-shifting program of the festival, I help out with the sewing of the banners and coats of arms. I will post pictures of my oh-so-beautiful handiwork soon.

What could be more pleasant than spending 12 hours daily in an ancient, draughty, dusty, benevolently imposing building? Maybe sleeping for more than 5 hours in a row for a change!

If I made you curious, check out this site. If I have not made you curious, kindly ignore this post. :>

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Till Fjalls

I finally managed to gather my friends from all over the country for a quiet relaxing (=drunk and disorderly) weekend at the cabin. I had been waiting for this since July.

So why don't we start chronologically, with Saturday morning's breakfast. Good host that I am, I served Marmite on bread to those who had not yet had the privilege of trying it. The sour faces were accompanied by comments like "why did you do this to me?", so my evil purpose was achieved once more.
Then it was time for a nice long exploratory walk on a randomly chosen mountain path...
...as well as for some equally random acts of playfulness, not all of which ended well. We had a burr fight, and some of the ones I threw ended up in other people's hair...bad idea, she was not impressed.
Playfulness aided by props found on the way:
Lunch in the making. I hadn't seen so much meat in so many different forms in a looong while.
Major victory in my backgammon playing career. Those who know how to play the game will be awed at what's on the board.

~blank space to account for the night in between~

End of the weekend: unbrushed hair, non made up face, headache and slight paleness. See how good I look? and the pic's not even airbrushed! haha
And, as promised before, a little Shitface at his post: guarding my friends' ancient car on the way back to the civilised world.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Update on the Shitface family

I thought you might be interested to know how my friends have been doing lately. Well, I must say they have slowly but surely invaded what little personal space I possess at the moment. The original family are living in a drawer, while the younger generation has taken over the cover of my sewing machine. And if this was not enough, the little buggers started breeding too! Look at all the little ones popping up all over the place.
The situation was threatening to turn into a serious dwelling crisis, so I had to take drastic measures and send some of the younger ones to foster homes. Below is Sparky, who now shares a bed with a little girl in my parents' building. There was also a red one with horns, who was born and left me so quickly that I neither got to name him, nor take a picture of him.
The little key ring ones have all gone to new owners; I will take pics of them at their new posts :>

...but they keep on coming!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy stuff

Here's an idea, Total Furniture! I wonder if this will increase sales. I bet all those moody farmers have been dreaming of owning something like that. It's a cool idea, though, don't you think? A lot more can be found here.