Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I'm leaving NZ tomorrow. Looking back at my first months as a young, confused and linguistically challenged ("sweet as ...what?!") immigrant, it was a far cry from what I had been expecting. However, between then and this equally unexpected ending, I grew to love the country in general, and some (rather silly) people in particular. Yes, you know who you are!

My stay here was a crescendo of fun, up until the last couple of sleep-deprived, hungover, full to the brim, delightfully exhausting months. Depressing and frustrating as it may have been at times, the NZ experience sure made me a better person. I'm sweet as now! And that's what makes me a Triwi (a Transilvanian Kiwi, for those of you who still didn't get it!)

I can't help thinking of that ad on TV, with the guy melodramatically sighing "I love you, New Zealand!". That's how I feel. So, here you go.

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