Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ha peebirth date ooo meeee...!

Thanks to all of you who sent birthday wishes by phone, email, comments or otherwise. Great to know you're thinking of me :>

Went out to a restaurant called Excalibur for my birthday dinner. Lovely place, I wouldn't mind getting a job there just for the chance to wear medieval-style dresses every day, hihi.

And here's the pic before (huuge platter full of...well, everything)
...and after (5 over-filled stomachs and happy grins).
Will definitely go there again. Just that next time I'll know to starve myself 2 days in advance.

...another year older, none the wiser, life goes on merrily, sensibly and optimistically :>

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Anonymous said...

you have not updated in a while missy, you forgetting about us already?? :-(