Friday, August 29, 2008


I finally received my box of goodies from NZ! It could be a present for my next birthday? Or maybe a premature Christmas present? However, better late than lost :)

I assume Christine was the genius behind the pile of fabrics... thank you! (some of it has already been used). And thanks Trudi for the pony card! (nobody calls me a dickhead as nicely as you do, Trudence). But special thanks needs to go to Daryl for his thoughtfulness. Of all the pretty things he could have chosen to send me for my birthday, he picked marmite, knowing how much I love it! Thanks so much...asshole!! :D

However, that little jar of marmite provided me with a lot of fun yesterday. I decided to do a little study and record people's first reactions to it. Sorry about the quality of most pictures, but my hands were shaking from laughter.

Here's mum spitting it out:
And here's dad screwing up his face. He did have the caution to ask "it's not poisonous, is it?" before trying.
Much to my amazement, my brother actually liked it! (btw, he's my ex brother now). This is him with a "what's so shocking about it?" face.

As for my friends, I decided to gather them all and film them. You can hear cries of "uuughhh, give me water!" and "this tastes like burnt food scraped off the bottom of a pot", as well as descriptions like "stinky cheese mixed with jam and left to rot". Sorry guys, my study shows the vast majority of Romanians will flee in disorder when confronted with marmite. I will cherish the rest of the jar, though, as it makes for a good party trick: "i bet you 5 beers you can't eat a whole slice of toast with this on!"

All of this being said (and spat out), big thanks to all of you for the thought and the gifts!

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