Sunday, November 2, 2008

Catching up

Things have been happening quicker than I can post them here, so I'll start catching up by showing you last weekend's trip. Autumn, fortresses and mountains - just the thing to put a smile on any good Transylvanian's face.

First stop - the fortress of Aiud. I had driven past it many times before, and now I finally got a chance to see it.

On we went, to a valley I could only locate on a map rather vaguely. However, we must have chosen the best time of the year to see it. Pretty, aye?

I just had to show you this naughty tree!

And on we went, further on the map of vagueness and on to higher cliffs. The ascent took about an hour and a half, and those of the group who were blessed took off paragliding from the top. The less fortunate of us got 2 hours' descent on wet slippery rock.

One long long day, a grazed knee, a filthy pair of jeans and 2 jellified legs later, I had a good stock of high quality photographic art to show for it. Something like this:


Alexandra said...

Hi there, you have the most wonderful Transylvanian blog here! I found the address from the message you left on Tiktakro s blog. Let s keep in touch, Good luck with your endeavours.

. said...

Multumesc, nici cu blogul tau nu mi-e rusine! :D M-as bucura sa pastram legatura.