Thursday, April 16, 2009

Catching up

I haven't done much lately other than sit inside and sew, so my travel and adventure blog was ignored for a while. However, last weekend spent in Bucuresti was an adventure in itself.

Apart from a trip into the dusty south, it also meant a trip way out of my comfort zone. Maybe I shouldn't present such an image of our great capital, but that city feels like it's in another country! I have never seen a dirtier, scarier, more neglected place. The city that in the 19th century was known as "little Paris" is now a heap of dog-invaded rubble, with beautiful, but badly neglected old buildings only slightly hinting to its former glory.

The purpose of my trip you can see here; I'm supposed to go again in June, but, although I loved the atmosphere of the fair, I'm not sure it's worth all that stress and discomfort.
But spring is here, it's sunny and warm, and the wandering shall soon resume!

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Sanda said...

Well, I agree, as sad as it can sound :-(