Wednesday, June 3, 2009

MedievArtFest again

I have the feeling this blog may be getting predictable; if it's not mountains, it's medieval (sometimes both in one post!). So, be warned! If you're tired of the medieval, go browse some other page. If not, read on and enjoy my joy ;)

Well, if you decided to join in my joy, then come with me to the citadel of Alba, which you have already seen in this post. What brought me here? A medieval festival, of course!
This time I finally had the chance to thoroughly explore the cathedral, which, among other interesting, beautiful or downright weird sights (like 3 architectural styles one on top of another), houses the tomb of Ioan de Hunedoara. He might have looked a bit more comely in life, when he had a nose and all:
There are in excess of 50 nobles, clergymen and other notables buried in various corners of the cathedral.
And now, on to the festival; after all, it's what we're here for, right?
Last year's MedievArtFest has now turned into an itinerant 9-citadel summer tour. Besides my frustration at not being directly involved this time, I hope I will manage to go and see it at most of its locations.

It took some people a while to recognise me in normal clothes, and I realised it was probably the first time in about 10 years that I've attended a medieval fest without wearing the appropriate attire. But after that, there was a bit of hugging and cheek-kissing going on.

Catching up on plans, scripts and general gossip:
The rest (jousting, music, eye-candy knights) you know. So I'll leave you with a new discovery: the band Grafic, popular among the knights mostly due the hotness of its singer, Diana.

*edited to add: the video won't show up, I have no idea why. If you're curious, go here.
*edited to add again: now it works. Weird.

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Alexandra said...

How cool is this? Really cool. The fest, the singers and your post, as usual:-) I liked the comment on I de H. :-)