Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Of generous people and the disadvantages of having a window that overlooks the road

I must be so broke that people can tell just by looking at my window. But not to worry, I recently became convinced I have a secret benefactor.

Yesterday morning I heard a sound on the window sill. I looked out to see a half-empty cup of beer just sitting there. A drunk man was calmly swaying down the road. Now, someone who tends to become that drunk also tends to become rather possessive of one's drink. So how can you explain his leaving his half-drunk beer at my window? Generosity, I tell ya!

Last night I returned home to find a half-eaten slice of pizza on the pavement in front of my gate. This person shares everything with me!

Doesn't that just warm your heart?


Padure said...

now that's what I call the fool's luck! you always had that my ol' black feathered friend, didntcha? anyway, too bad i`m not there to combine you one of my idiotic diet fried cabbage that tastes like cigarette leftovers and my wonder fuck-man-this-is-supposed-to-be-veggie-stew-why-does-it-look-like-cow-vomit thingie! who loves ya, baby? :D

Anonymous said...

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