Monday, October 3, 2011

Indian Summer in Transylvania

There's something magical about the light in September. It has a unique way of making the usual seem warmer, calmer, more enchanting. It adds a new glowing dimension even to things that were beautiful before.
We've had many such honey-coloured days this September. And last Sunday's spontaneous outing to Cheile Turzii proved to be brilliantly (un)planned on just such a day.

Getting there bright and early, we had the paths all to ourselves while we leisurely walked the length of the gorge. 

Trying to find a nice wall to climb was only a tough job because there are so many! In such beautiful spots! 

But by the time the noisy tourists came and filled the gorge, we were already hanging by our fingertips high above them.

 It was a great day in all respects. But it seems that someone before us wasn't so lucky...

 And just to convince you of the magical properties of September's sunlight, here is another gratuitous forest shot:


...tiktakro... said...

Hey, you are such a brave ( heart :D) climbed on that wall. I think the sensations are great...must try myself before it's too late ;).
I love, too, the "honey-coloured" days of autumn....

NeMe said...

You should definitely try it, just out of curiosity. It's a lot safer than it looks :)