Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Games for big kids

Ladies and gents, check out my new work place! Up in that bastion, there's a theatre. Up in a corner of the theatre, there's a little office with 2 computers and a horrendously untidy array of books, scripts, posters and food. In that office, there's me! I am as yet unsure as to the proper title of my position (somewhere in between secretary, personal asistant and PR person), but it's fun enough. Especially now that the theatre is preparing a huge medieval festival, due to start in 6 days, 136 hours and 8170 minutes. Everyone works like crazy: making phonecalls, sewing costumes, decorating banners, desperately seeking sponsors, combat training, rehearsing plays, and, when exhausted, taking turns sleeping on a manky old mattress on the stage. In the breaks between phoning bands and craftsmen and putting together the ever-shifting program of the festival, I help out with the sewing of the banners and coats of arms. I will post pictures of my oh-so-beautiful handiwork soon.

What could be more pleasant than spending 12 hours daily in an ancient, draughty, dusty, benevolently imposing building? Maybe sleeping for more than 5 hours in a row for a change!

If I made you curious, check out this site. If I have not made you curious, kindly ignore this post. :>

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