Sunday, January 11, 2009

Of new beginnings, weak parties and green eggs

Welcome to my humble abode! As promised a long time ago (sorry I was slack), I am posting pics of my new domicile. It loks alright now, but oh, the first time I walked in after the previous tenants had moved out! It felt like walking into a forest. And don't think freshness, dewy grass or the likes. No, think mushrooms. The walls were alive with various species of unidentified multicelular plant material, the dust was inches thick and the bathroom... I won't go into details.

But after a few days of painting, washing windows, moving furniture and pulling out pretty fabrics, the results were as follows:

Above is my sitting corner at night. I'm quite proud of myself for the mirror trick which multiplies the candles and confuses visitors.
Below is my main room: sleeping corner, blogging corner, sitting corner and crafting corner. I have nothing on the walls yet, but patience, I'll get there eventually.

This is the room that serves as hallway, dining room, wardrobe and study room. How? Through the judicious use of space and careful organisation, but mainly by cramming everything in one place ;D

The other corner of the study/dining/wardrobe/hallway, and a view of the kitchen:

And now, a few words about my landlady. Unfortunately, you don't get to see her, as, in the event I managed to take an unexpected shot of her (and those are the only kind you can take), I would be dead before I reached the door with it. She's an 80-something lady whose geriatric parties far surpass the parties at my place both in noise level and the amount of alcohol ingested. She spends her entire summer up in the mountains, swears like the most shameless of sailors, is an absolute gossip relay, kicks butt at backgammon and makes awesome cakes. All in all, a very colourful character. About as colourful as her green eggs :>

Yes, those are real! Her hens (some special kind of hen she got in Germany) make green eggs without being radioactively contaminated or otherwise sick. You know the cool part about that? I can have green eggs and ham for breakfast. Take that, Dr. Seuss!

P.S. Please excuse the quality of the current lot of pics; there wasn't enough light and my photographic skills are null and void once I am confronted with situations outside the range of the "auto" setting on my camera.

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