Friday, January 30, 2009

Please queue for autographs! There now, no pushing at the back!

Ladies and gents, I'm famous! My dolls have been talked about in a little community newspaper (something like the Waikato This Week). If I had known how embarrasing it feels to see my silly face and my name in such a public place I never would have agreed to it.

The article is not entirely accurate, it also has a few typos and grammar mistakes (maybe I should apply for a proofreading job there), but hey! I've been in the paper! :D


Anonymous said...

Always knew you were going to be famous , great picture and well done . Hope you are enjoying the winter hehe! :-)

NeMe said...

Winter sucks and so does the picture: the doll is nothing but a white shape, and thats what was supposed to be seen. But I dont wanna sound like a grumpy old spinster, so... thank you! :D