Friday, March 6, 2009

There and back again. The story of a wandering Transylvanian

... Missed me? I'm back home now. I'm clean, I'm rested. I'm drinking coffee out of my own cup and typing on my own keyboard.

You know how it feels when you've had way too much chocolate, and you're a bit queasy but still rather pleased with yourself, as it tasted really good? Well, I've had too much history and architecture. I couldn't stand seeing another cathedral or museum or historic building, but I enjoyed every second exploring the ones I've already seen. Once I have organised my pictures, I will tell you about every segment of my journey. Until then, you can get some statistics of my Eurotrip.
- I reached my destinations using 4 planes, 7 trains, countless buses and quite a few kilometres' worth of walking.
- I stopped over in 5 cities, only 2 of which I explored thoroughly, seeing 5 museums, at least 10 cathedrals and in excess of 100 Jesus faces.
- I tried 11 new foods, one of which was disgusting, 2 neutral and the rest yummy.
- I spent 17 days grinning ear to ear as each day brought something new to see, learn or enjoy.
- I received 3 random acts of kindness from total strangers.
- I spent at least 3 days being 16 years old.
- I saw the sunrise for the first (and second!) time in my life.

It was a real thrill, I'm so happy I've done it. Stay tuned for stories and photos. And if I don't make you fall hopelessly in love with Europe, then I have failed my task ;)


Sanda said...

Yes you're right, Bilbo :-) Your journey was indeed wonderful, and of course we love this old Europe and all her beautiful faces.
Nice tiltle for this post. Well done!

NeMe said...

...there's a little Bilbo in all of us :>