Sunday, February 1, 2009


Dear hypothetical readers,

1. I am preparing to go on a little European tour, which is about 2 weeks away. That means no new posts for a while. But provided I come back alive and well, you will get lots of pics of beautiful places (and Belgian chocolate shops, hmm).

2. My crafty achievements will from now on be showcased on my other blog, located here.

3. Peace!


Alexandra said...

Anca, ma bucur ca te duci in Europa!
As vrea sa-ti scriu un email, dar nu iti stiu adresa. Scrie-mi tu la alexxandrat at yahoo com.

Anonymous said...

Hi dickhead!

Thanx for the email, sorry i not emailed back our computer died, got it back today (sort of working) going in to another shop tomorrow to get new motherboard!

have a fun trip, i WILL email you when we get the computer back again.
Did you get my txt the other week.
Miss you heaps my friend
Take care

NeMe said...

I did get your txt and I replied too! I was worried I might wake u up... but apparently u didnt even get it :( Miss you too Trudence, and thanks! :D