Monday, April 12, 2010


The time has finally arrived for us to reclaim our bodies from underneath the piles of wool and polar fleece that have been smothering us for way too many months. To smell the blooming trees, to chew on little fresh leaves coming out of the ground, to run down hills like silly children and to smile at everyone.

This is the city seen from a vineyard:
These are the meagre results of a photography class. I think I've failed :D But these leaves look like hungry bird-babies.

Do you know what this is? It's a future jar of the best jam ever:
And last but not least, the storks are back! They settled nicely in their old nests and the village is back to its old self now.
The village I'm talking about is Dumbravioara, home to a large colony of white storks. The people have built nests for them on top of almost every power pole. One of the nests has a webcam, so if you'd like to watch a reality show involving a bird family, go here.

And if you look attentively enough, you'll see three nests in the picture below (guys, you're supposed to look higher, above the girl in the red skirt).
Alright, I'll go outside now; the garden is calling :D

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