Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another unexpected visitor

To continue the series of delightful animal encounters, let me present to you this little ball of fur I found right at my gate, shivering in the rain. He was in terrible shape, sneezing and barely breathing. I took him in, wrapped him up, warmed him and fed him. And loved him instantly.
Unfortunately we were only friends for 24 hours. But it was a lovely 24 hours. It felt more cosy and homely to sew long into the night with a cat snoozing at my feet.
I know I can't afford a cat, and that I'm allergic and that the landlady wouldn't allow a cat, but why, why couldn't I keep him!
It was heartbreaking to give him away, but I gave it to another cat mother who adopted him instantly. He's healthy and happy now, I checked. But why, why couldn't he be happy and healthy in my house?


...tiktakro... said...

Oh, he's such a sweet! I'm also "melted" near a baby-cat but my allergy is quite serious and I must - for my health- say quickly "good-by"...
such beautiful eyes he has....


Si cinci minute e mult ca sa te indragostesti iremediabil de astfel de mici sufletele...24 de ore este o vesnicie! Deja aveti o poveste ce privire. In rest, toate la timpul lor!

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