Monday, July 5, 2010

The genesis of adventure

In the beginning, there was a wheel. It lived, quietly but obtrusively, in my hallway.
Then one day, it was joined by a frame. And they lived even more obtrusively in my hallway, blocking access and looking out of place.
Then slowly, other pieces came along: a seat, boxes of springs and chains and shiny things and other parts I could not name. It was becoming too much, they were taking over my house, I had to do something! But then a nice gentleman came to my rescue, and turned the horde of invading metal parts into a shiny new bicycle for me to use!

...Except at the moment it's using me. Straining all my long-forgotten muscles and aching bones and old joints. It's killing me! I like her, though, she takes me to nice places.

Like these hills we explored this weekend. The weather has been very unstable lately, with storms and floods, so we didn't dare stray too far from home. But nice places were found nonetheless.
The greatest reward after going up the umpteenth hill was a row of sour cherry trees, absolutely loaded with fruit!
Being so far from any village, I just assumed they weren't anyone's property, so I gave myself up to some enthusiastic foraging.
But picking from the ground soon became unsatisfactory, so I had to get to the core of the issue.
I picked as much as we could fit in a backpack, and I ate as much as I could fit in my stomach.

After admiring the view a little, I came to the painful realization that (omg!) I also had to cycle back home.
I'm shattered. Everything hurts like hell, and I just want to lie down and sleep for 3 days. But the trip was fun, and I do have cherry cake. I could get used to this whole bike thing.


Alexandra said...

Nice bike, beautiful trip, lovely biker :-)

Anonymous said...

daca vin pa acasa sa ma inviti la un tur ca pa mine nu ma dor piciorele, am antrenament :D