Thursday, June 5, 2008

On the generalised absence of beigeness

NZers, be prepared to cover your mouths and repress horrified screams: Romania loves colour!
The trend in interior (and exterior, for that matter) decor when I left was waves of green. Well, now it's all sunny colours, from my mum's persimmon and sunflower yellow kitchen, to the countless bright orange houses you see scattered all over the country side.
Not to mention it's ok for ladies in their 50s to wear bright green pants and shiny red shoes.
Or the shops overflowing with yellow lacquered shoes and handbags.
Or the multicoloured flowers in parks, hanging from power poles or adorning window sills.
I felt drab in my black clothes, so I celebrated my return to colour with the recent purchase of an outrageously colourful bikini with bright hippie flowers.

Make love, not beige! Peace!

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Anonymous said...

we are reading it, Daryl told me today how to post a comment. miss you.