Sunday, June 8, 2008

To father's cabin

This weekend finally felt like being home. Maybe because I was actually in the place I consider my home. If you (try hard and) go past the infestation with new buildings, the noisy neighbours and other grown-ups quarelling over childish issues like 50cm of land, it's the same wonderful place it's always been. Every rock, gnarly root and overgrown path are right where I left them, and I re-discovered everything with the same excitement as when I was 10. I'll let you do the same:
Our humble abode:

Bath tub, shower and swimming pool:


The world as seen from a sunlounger:

The neighbourhood:

Beyond the gates of our property:

Nice smelling stuff to roll around in:

And, if you weren't envious enough yet, I'm off to Greece tomorrow!
On a totally different topic, I wonder if anyone reads all this crap or I'm just wasting precious sunbathing time sitting in front of the computer. I have no comments and haven't yet figured out how to find out if anyone views my blog so... hello? anybody there?


Anonymous said...

Just so you know at 1 person has been to look at your blog and you are not writing it for no one . I thought id better posta comment.
The Cabin in the woods looks amzingly tranquil , however im not sure i like the sunlounger to much just looks a bit hard and well rock like!:-)
Love the beautiful wild flowers though Must be bloddy cold in winter too . Daryl

Anonymous said...

"WOW" It's definitely on my list of places to visit. Love your emails and the pictures that go with it. Miss ya heaps beautiful :) And I reckon it would have to be a hot day to dip my toes in that pool but I could easily see myself using that lounger with a glass of wine in my hands, hell with the rest of the world when you can roll around in that paradise. Loves ya heaps gal...enjoy your trip to Greece...and stay away from the earthquakes. Post lots of pics. :) Big Hugs Steph

Oprah said...

You write very well.