Friday, June 20, 2008

You computer-illiterate buggers you!

It has been brought to my attention repeatedly that posting comments to my ramblings is a mission. So here's how:
1. Click on "comments" underneath the post you want to comment on;
2. Type comment in little box;
3. Type in the random letters to prove you're not a robot, spam beast or space invader;
4. Choose "anonymous" for your identity and click on appropriate little circle. In this case, also pls tell me who you are ;)
5. Click "publish your comment"
6. Congratulations! You are now one step further into the unfathomable world of the internet.

I'll post an account of my holiday in Greece as soon as I manage to pick only some of the 2000-odd pics I hold in my possesion :D


Anonymous said...

Yay I want to be the first! Hello!

Triwi said...

Hello right back at ya, mr or mrs first. But who are you? :D

Anonymous said...

Hello Anka miss you so much, glad to see you are having fun! luv Sara